Thursday, July 7, 2022

Revisiting creator table pricing


Years ago, we used to give local creators free space at the shows. That worked for a few years, until last minute cancellations started getting out of hand, so the deal was changed to $5 or a novel/graphic novel I could use for school. And if someone didn’t show up, they’d pay $10 or two books before they could rebook a new spot. Which worked for a few more years, until someone gave me graphic novels clearly marked “Adults Only,” and told me to take them or leave them. At which point, the current charge for creator space was implemented.


That said, starting with the September 11th show, we’re going to go back to free space for local creators and see how it goes. The space will be 3’, good for one person, and everyone who books before flyer copy is sent out to my designer will be listed on the show flyers. (If a full table is required, contact me for publisher pricing.) The only things that can be sold at these spaces are products the creator has made or products featuring their work. (I.e., no selling personal collections of comics or Pokemon cards.) If I’m unfamiliar with who you are, I’ll need a physical sample of your work/what you plan to sell, which you can either give to me at a show, or mail to PO Box 48873, Bentall Station, Vancouver, BC, V7X1A8.


There is limited space per show, and bookings will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If a creator is a no-show, a minimum $20 donation to the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund must be made before space will be made available to them again.


To reserve a spot, either email me at, or call 604-322-6412 and leave a message.

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